What types of graphic design services does Hinson Media offer?
We offer a variety of graphic design services for all your marketing and branding needs.
Our graphic design services include:
• Logo Design
• Stationary Design
• Corporate Brochure Design
• Business Card Design
• Packaging Design
• Postcard Design
• Trade Show Design
• Newsletter Design
• T-Shirt Design
• Sales Presentation Folder Design
• Vehicle Decal Design
• Poster, Banner and Sign Design
• Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Cover Design
• Custom Illustration
Why is graphic design and branding so important for my company?
Graphic design and branding goes far beyond slapping a logo on a business card. In order to stand out amongst your competitors, you will need an eye catching design scheme that creates brand recognition for your product or service. Everything from your business cards, to your company website, to your printed collateral, to the sign on the front door of your building should be designed to create consistency and brand awareness for your customers.
Why should I care about the graphic design elements of my company?
Good graphic design elements can make a small business look like a large successful business, whereas bad design elements can make a large business look very small and insufficient.
Why is “branding” so important for your business, product or service?
“Branding” is very important to you and your company because it simplifies the ability to distinguish your product or service from amongst a wide range of other companies in your field. In the world today, it gets more and more difficult to differentiate between two products or services. Think “Coca-Cola” vs “Pepsi.”
For many years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been competing for soft-drink dominance amongst avid soda drinkers and they’ve had to create recognition for each of their drinks to set themselves apart. Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s “branding” has become so strong that when you say you’d like a Coca-Cola, you know you are going to get a red soda can with white writing. However, if you ask for a Pepsi, you will expect to receive a red, white and blue can. The branding that was created for these two companies has helped set them apart from each other and given each drink its own distinguished look that almost anyone today can recognize.
Just as with Coca-Cola and Pepsi, a strong branding campaign enables a company to build customer loyalty. This is a phenomenon called brand religion” where the value of the brand becomes so high in the mind of the consumer that he or she will always stay loyal to it. Thus, sufficient “branding” is crucial to your company.
How much does graphic design cost?
Graphic design elements can vary in price depending on what we are creating for you.
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