AZ Video Productions
• Broadcast commercials
• Web videos
• Promotional videos
• Product demo videos
• Training videos
• Real estate property tours
• Aerial/underwater videos
• Safety videos
• And more!
Our video/film production capabilities include:
• Script writing
• Directing
• Full film/video production
• Complete post production house
• Visual effects
• Audio studio
• Casting
• Live event
• Voice talent
• 3D animation
• Live Webcasting
Get your business, product or service seen by thousands of people in your city or millions of people worldwide! Internet video is the most cost effective way to engage prospective customers with your best marketing foot forward every time. The right video for your business can visually spread your marketing message instantly worldwide, allowing your viewer to retain 80% of your information. Use of effective video means your viewer is 70% more likely to choose YOUR company over your competitors through the production of an emotional response to your business, product or service. Choose Hinson Media to get your business seen!
Effective marketing videos will:
• Visually show your product or service in action
• Create an emotional response to your product or service
• Increase traffic to your website
• Optimize your company’s marketing message
• Educate and inspire customers to use your business
• Give your brand new market credibility
Will a video help my business grow?
Yes! Video is the most memorable way to engage potential customers.
Let’s be honest. Most people will opt to watch your video instead of reading the same information in lines of text. Make this fact work to your company’s advantage in this highly competitive business market.
How much does commercial video production cost?
Just as the price of a car can vary depending on what options are included, video costs vary depending on a variety of factors.
Your video has unique needs and will benefit from our attention to detail, HD quality, stunning graphics, crisp audio and captivating message.
Give us a call to discuss your video needs today as this is the easiest way for us to give you an idea of what your video may cost.
Call us now at 1-800-378-3461 or e-mail us to set up a live video chat to discuss how video can positively affect your company’s bottom line.